Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review of for stardoll cheats

This is going to be my first stardoll review blog for stardoll cheats. I just wanted to let all of you Stardoll’s out there that I FINALLY managed to find a brilliant and freaking awesome website called which is literally THE BEST for Stardoll Cheats! I managed to get a free dress which originally costs 50 stardollars. WOW! I was so amazed that I just had to tell all of my friends. I actually am starting to get very popular on Stardoll as everyone thinks I am rich! I have around 6000 stardollars, which I earned all by myself thanks to this stardoll cheats site. Now i can get my favourite stardoll dress and show it off to all my friends.
Aswell as earning free Stardollars, I FINALLY got up to 7000 starpoints within an hour! Can you believe that!? I found it amazing as now I can dress up my doll with different styles of clothes, which are very very expensive in the shops. I also bought myself FIVE rows of makeup, I have every single lipstick colour now! I love using these Stardoll Cheats because I found it really easy. There are very easy step-by-steps instructions, so I didn’t really need to worry about what to do! It always works, if it doesn’t work the first time it always manages to work the second time. Its really fast as well, so I don’t need to spend FOREVER on my laptop trying to get free things. I also managed to get this really really rare dress on Stardoll, which I absolutely love because it just looks amazing on my doll! It really suits my personality as well, and everyone says it looks pretty on me.
I can’t wait for more Stardoll cheats! I really can’t wait as I have used the website over about 50 times already! I love it! I also have so much things in my suite, such as pets! I have about 5 of the horses, all of the dogs and some cats. I also have a rare parrot that can sit on my shoulder when people visit my suite! I love to use the Stardoll cheats this site gives me as they always always work! I really love the shoes I got, I got about 20 different pairs of shoes, all in one package! This is one of my favourite pair of shoes. It was called green scalop. I know it sounds weird but it looks really nice (i will upload a pic for you guys as soon as possible) I also managed to get free hair dye for my Stardoll hair, I managed to dye my hair black with dark purple highlights, which are free. I managed to also get waterproof mascara on my stardoll’s eyes, which makes it look pretty. I love being popular on Stardoll as everyone asks me how I got so popular, so I always tell them about the Stardoll Cheats that I use! I also managed to get two free rooms in my Stardoll mansion, which is really good because then I can fit all of my furniture in all the rooms! My Stardoll storage is filled with lots of furiniture which I can swap around and change whenever I want. I love every single Stardoll Cheats the website has given me as its brilliant! I love the shoes the most, as it makes my Stardoll look very stylish and freaking awesome! I hope all you guys feel the fame I feel, and no need to buy any membership anymore, these Stardoll Cheats have got me covered! Thanks a lot to this website!

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